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Contains information on the image naming format, standard NSCAT SIRF image regions and general documentation of the BYU-MERS "SIR" image format.

NSCAT-Derived Sea-Ice Extent
Provides an overview of the data set and describes the image reconstruction and sea ice mapping methodologies.

Additional Documentation

The following PDF documents are provided for background and additional information:

NSCAT SIRF Image Creation
David G. Long and James Dyal, MERS Technical Report 97-04, 21 Oct. 1997

Describes the process by which the NSCAT SIRF images are made and describes the standard NSCAT SIRF image product suite.

Optimization of SIRF for NSCAT
Quinn P. Remund and David G. Long, MERS Technical Report 97-03, 3 July 1997

Provides an overview of the SIRF algorithm and descibes the procedure taken to optimize SIRF specifically for NSCAT data.

Current Progress in Ku-Band Model Functions
David G. Long, MERS Technical Report 96-002, August 1996

Compares several model functions and suggests criteria for the selection of a model function for processing NSCAT data.

Azimuth Variation in Microwave Scatterometer and Radiometer Data Over Antarctica
David G. Long and Mark Drinkwater, May 4, 1999

Explores the use of NSCAT data, ERS AMI scatterometer mode data, and SSM/I data to study surface roughness effects in Antarctica.

Cryosphere Applications of NSCAT Data
David G. Long and Mark Drinkwater, January 6, 1999

Describes two cryosphere applications of NSCAT data: 1) sea-ice mapping and tracking and 2) ice-sheet change in Greenland and Antarctica.