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Derived Products

Current Antarctic Iceberg Locations - Most recent locations of Antarctic iceberg positions derived from enhanced resolution QuikSCAT scatterometer images. Supplements the Antarctic Iceberg Webpage maintained by the U.S. National Ice Center.

BYU Antarctic Iceberg Database (1978-present) - Comprehensive database of Antarctic iceberg positions derived from enhanced resolution scatterometer image time series spanning from 1978 through the present.

Sea Ice Extent Products - Extent of Antarctic and Arctic ice sheets from QuikSCAT and NSCAT.

QuikSCAT Sigma-0 Browse Products - QuikSCAT Browse products are conveniently designed to view the spatial and temporal evolution of Ku-band sigma-0 values. (note: large page loads slowly)

QuikSCAT Ice Motion Products - Observations and tracking of sea ice motion from QuikSCAT data.

QuikSCAT Sea Ice Age Product - Classified Arctic Sea Ice (Multi-Year or First-Year) from QuikSCAT data.

Wind Products

QuikSCAT Ambiguity Removal Quality Assurance - Ambiguity selection quality maps and information on the BYU QA Algorithm.

Ultra High Resolution Winds - Experimental QuikSCAT/SeaWinds ultra high resolution (2.5 km) ocean sigma-0 and ocean wind product information and samples.

Tropical Cyclone Wind Observation Database - Conventional resolution (25 km) and QuikSCAT/SeaWinds ultra high resolution (2.5 km) ocean sigma-0 and ocean winds for all Tropical Cyclones during the QuikSCAT and SeaWinds missions.

Auxilary Data

Topography - Topography data files matching the standard Scatterometer Climate Record product regions in BYU SIR format.

Greenland Ice Facies - ASCII text files outlining the Benson (1962) and the Long and Drinkwater (1994) ice facies on Greenland. The latter is derived from 1978 Seasat scatterometer data.

Other Product Sites

Physical Oceanography Distributed Data Archive (PODAAC) - Long-term archive of Scatterometer Climate Record Pathfinder products and source of other scatterometer and oceanographic products.

National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) - Long-term archive of polar and cryosphere data products.

JPL Polar Products - Specialized research products from researchers at the JPL polar research group.

NOAA Near Real-Time Products - Paul Chang's QuikSCAT Near-Real-Time (NRT) wind, backscatter, and ice products site. NRT versions of many SCP products are available here.

The NASA Scatterometer Climate Record Pathfinder solicts scatterometer-related data sets to include in the archive and distribute to other researchers. Please contact us for further information.