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SIR Viewer 1.0

Released: 28 August 2001


Displays images in the native BYU SIR file format.


sirview path/to/data/filename.sir


Left mouse button: Targets zoom/info pointer
Middle mouse button: Pans image
Right mouse button: Toggles menu sidebar
Escape: Exit
Z: Toggle zoom
F1: Toggle fullscreen


A directory ~/.sir will be created containing the file sirview.ini. This file contains the zoom, data range, and color settings from the last time the program was run. The format is as follows:
# WindowPos expects 4 integers describing size & position of the window
WindowPos xmin ymin xmax ymax
# dataRange expects 2 floats, the lower and upper bound of the visible data
# Zoom:
# enabled is 0 or 1, corner is 0-3, 
# scale is a float, size is the size of the zoom window
Zoom enabled corner scale size
# To use other color tables than the default grayscale, copy the colortable
# into ~/.sir and add a line to sirview.ini.
# ColorTable type filename
# type 1 is for binary (256 bytes of red, 256 green, 256 blue)
# type 2 is for ASCII, each line is "red green blue", from 0 to 255
ColorTable 1 colortable.ct       # For binary colortables
ColorTable 2 colortable2.ctab    # For ASCII colortables

Bugs / ToDo

  • If the window is larger than the image, there will be garbage in the empty space, and possibly a core dump.


Questions, comments, and suggestions can be sent to the author, Vaughn Clayton, at clayton@et.byu.edu.