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SASS Enhanced Resolution Image Products

Images are made from the Seasat Scatterometer Geophysical Record data files and use an h(x,y)=0/1 measurement spatial response function with the SIRF algorithm. For highest possible spatial resolution as well as to ensure full coverage over the images, multiple orbit passes are combined. These are the 'all pass' images. Generally orbit passes of a given point on the Earth occur at nearly the same time of day. Unlike later scatterometers the operating mode of SASS was changed very frequently over land. Only a limited amount of H-pol data was collected over land and ice during the mission. The limited spatial coverage requires rather long imaging time periods but there are still frequent gaps in the image coverage.

Images are produced in the BYU .SIR file format using the standard naming scheme. The files are gzipped to minimize storage and transfer requirements. The standard images are designed for land and ice observation and so are landmasked. However, .SIR format land mask files (containing 0 for ocean and 1 for land) are available for each standard region. .SIR format images containing "images" of the latitude and longitude of each pixel for each region are also available.

Further information is available in the SASS Enhanced Resolution Image Users Notes.

Available Image Classes
Orbit passes
H Pol
V Pol
all passes