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QuikSCAT Arctic Sea Ice Age Product
The files in the table below are also available via https: SIR

An updated version of daily maps of classified Arctic sea ice with first-year (FY) or multi-year (MY) classifications derived from QuikSCAT data for years 1999-2009. Improvements on the previous QuikSCAT ice classifications include the addition of classification data from 1999 to 2002 and corrections to reduce misclassified MY ice in the marginal ice zone.

This version is accompanied by a dataset of OSCAT ice age classifications for years 2009-2014 which can be found here.

The product is generated on standard SCP polar stereographic grid for the Arc region coresponding to QuikSCAT egg (quev or queh) images. A detailed description of the data product can be found in the paper below. Note that the resolution of browse .gif images has been reduced by a factor of two. Data can be accessed from the ftp site or from the below links.

This product is primarily designed to map MY ice. The ocean/sea ice edge is low resolution since it is determined from NASA Team ice concentration data (see reference). The flag values stored in the SIR array are:
-2 : no data
-1 : land
0 : ocean
1 : first year (FY) ice
2 : multi year (MY) ice


D.B. Lindell and D.G. Long, "Multi-Year Arctic Sea Ice Classification Using OSCAT and QuikSCAT", IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Vol. 54, No. 1, pp. 167-175, 2015.

A.M. Swan and D.G. Long, "Multi-Year Arctic Sea Ice Classification Using QuikSCAT", IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Vol. 50, No. 9, pp. 3317-3326, 2012.

Images: f=sea ice age flag
File TypeB=reduced resolution .GIF browse image; S=gzipped .SIR file

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f Images
99-284-284B S
99-285-285B S
99-286-286B S
99-287-287B S
99-288-288B S
99-289-289B S
99-290-290B S
99-291-291B S
99-292-292B S
99-293-293B S
99-294-294B S
99-295-295B S
99-296-296B S
99-297-297B S
99-298-298B S
99-299-299B S
99-300-300B S
99-301-301B S
99-302-302B S
99-303-303B S
99-304-304B S
99-305-305B S
99-306-306B S
99-307-307B S
99-308-308B S
99-309-309B S
99-310-310B S
99-311-311B S
99-312-312B S
99-313-313B S
99-314-314B S
99-315-315B S
99-316-316B S
99-317-317B S
99-318-318B S
99-319-319B S
99-320-320B S
99-321-321B S
99-322-322B S
99-323-323B S
99-324-324B S
99-325-325B S
99-326-326B S
99-327-327B S
99-328-328B S
99-329-329B S
99-330-330B S
99-331-331B S
99-332-332B S
99-333-333B S
99-334-334B S
99-335-335B S
99-336-336B S
99-337-337B S
99-338-338B S
99-339-339B S
99-340-340B S
99-341-341B S
99-342-342B S
99-343-343B S
99-344-344B S
99-345-345B S
99-346-346B S
99-347-347B S
99-348-348B S
99-349-349B S
99-350-350B S
99-351-351B S
99-352-352B S
99-353-353B S
99-354-354B S
99-355-355B S
99-356-356B S
99-357-357B S
99-358-358B S
99-359-359B S
99-360-360B S
99-361-361B S
99-362-362B S
99-363-363B S
99-364-364B S
99-365-365B S
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f Images
00-001-001B S
00-002-002B S
00-003-003B S
00-004-004B S
00-005-005B S
00-006-006B S
00-007-007B S
00-008-008B S
00-009-009B S
00-010-010B S
00-011-011B S
00-012-012B S
00-013-013B S
00-014-014B S
00-015-015B S
00-016-016B S
00-017-017B S
00-018-018B S
00-019-019B S
00-020-020B S
00-021-021B S
00-022-022B S
00-023-023B S
00-024-024B S
00-025-025B S
00-026-026B S
00-027-027B S
00-028-028B S
00-029-029B S
00-030-030B S
00-031-031B S
00-032-032B S
00-033-033B S
00-034-034B S
00-035-035B S
00-036-036B S
00-037-037B S
00-038-038B S
00-039-039B S
00-040-040B S
00-041-041B S
00-042-042B S
00-043-043B S
00-044-044B S
00-045-045B S
00-046-046B S
00-047-047B S
00-048-048B S
00-049-049B S
00-050-050B S
00-051-051B S
00-052-052B S
00-053-053B S
00-054-054B S
00-055-055B S
00-056-056B S
00-057-057B S
00-058-058B S
00-059-059B S
00-060-060B S
00-061-061B S
00-062-062B S
00-063-063B S
00-064-064B S
00-065-065B S
00-066-066B S
00-067-067B S
00-068-068B S
00-069-069B S
00-070-070B S
00-071-071B S
00-072-072B S
00-073-073B S
00-074-074B S
00-075-075B S
00-076-076B S
00-077-077B S
00-078-078B S
00-079-079B S
00-080-080B S
00-081-081B S
00-082-082B S
00-083-083B S
00-084-084B S
00-085-085B S
00-086-086B S
00-087-087B S
00-088-088B S
00-089-089B S
00-090-090B S
00-091-091B S
00-092-092B S
00-093-093B S
00-094-094B S
00-095-095B S
00-096-096B S
00-097-097B S
00-098-098B S
00-099-099B S
00-100-100B S
00-101-101B S
00-102-102B S
00-103-103B S
00-104-104B S
00-105-105B S
00-106-106B S
00-107-107B S
00-108-108B S
00-109-109B S
00-110-110B S
00-111-111B S
00-112-112B S
00-113-113B S
00-114-114B S
00-115-115B S
00-116-116B S
00-117-117B S
00-118-118B S
00-119-119B S
00-120-120B S
00-121-121B S
00-122-122B S
00-123-123B S
00-124-124B S
00-125-125B S
00-126-126B S
00-127-127B S
00-128-128B S
00-129-129B S
00-130-130B S
00-131-131B S
00-132-132B S
00-133-133B S
00-134-134B S
00-284-284B S
00-285-285B S
00-286-286B S
00-287-287B S
00-288-288B S
00-289-289B S
00-290-290B S
00-291-291B S
00-292-292B S
00-293-293B S
00-294-294B S
00-295-295B S
00-296-296B S
00-297-297B S
00-298-298B S
00-299-299B S
00-300-300B S
00-301-301B S
00-302-302B S
00-303-303B S
00-304-304B S
00-305-305B S
00-306-306B S
00-307-307B S
00-308-308B S
00-309-309B S
00-310-310B S
00-311-311B S
00-312-312B S
00-313-313B S
00-314-314B S
00-315-315B S
00-316-316B S
00-317-317B S
00-318-318B S
00-319-319B S
00-320-320B S
00-321-321B S
00-322-322B S
00-323-323B S
00-324-324B S
00-325-325B S
00-326-326B S
00-327-327B S
00-328-328B S
00-329-329B S
00-330-330B S
00-331-331B S
00-332-332B S
00-333-333B S
00-334-334B S
00-335-335B S
00-336-336B S
00-337-337B S
00-338-338B S
00-339-339B S
00-340-340B S
00-341-341B S
00-342-342B S
00-343-343B S
00-344-344B S
00-345-345B S
00-346-346B S
00-347-347B S
00-348-348B S
00-349-349B S
00-350-350B S
00-351-351B S
00-352-352B S
00-353-353B S
00-354-354B S
00-355-355B S
00-356-356B S
00-357-357B S
00-358-358B S
00-359-359B S
00-360-360B S
00-361-361B S
00-362-362B S
00-363-363B S
00-364-364B S
00-365-365B S
00-366-366B S
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f Images
01-001-001B S
01-002-002B S
01-003-003B S
01-004-004B S
01-005-005B S
01-006-006B S
01-007-007B S
01-008-008B S
01-009-009B S
01-010-010B S
01-011-011B S
01-012-012B S
01-013-013B S
01-014-014B S
01-015-015B S
01-016-016B S
01-017-017B S
01-018-018B S
01-019-019B S
01-020-020B S
01-021-021B S
01-022-022B S
01-023-023B S
01-024-024B S
01-025-025B S
01-026-026B S
01-027-027B S
01-028-028B S
01-029-029B S
01-030-030B S
01-031-031B S
01-032-032B S
01-033-033B S
01-034-034B S
01-035-035B S
01-036-036B S
01-037-037B S
01-038-038B S
01-039-039B S
01-040-040B S
01-041-041B S
01-042-042B S
01-043-043B S
01-044-044B S
01-045-045B S
01-046-046B S
01-047-047B S
01-048-048B S
01-049-049B S
01-050-050B S
01-051-051B S
01-052-052B S
01-053-053B S
01-054-054B S
01-055-055B S
01-056-056B S
01-057-057B S
01-058-058B S
01-059-059B S
01-060-060B S
01-061-061B S
01-062-062B S
01-063-063B S
01-064-064B S
01-065-065B S
01-066-066B S
01-067-067B S
01-068-068B S
01-069-069B S
01-070-070B S
01-071-071B S
01-072-072B S
01-073-073B S
01-074-074B S
01-075-075B S
01-076-076B S
01-077-077B S
01-078-078B S
01-079-079B S
01-080-080B S
01-081-081B S
01-082-082B S
01-083-083B S
01-084-084B S
01-085-085B S
01-086-086B S
01-087-087B S
01-088-088B S
01-089-089B S
01-090-090B S
01-091-091B S
01-092-092B S
01-093-093B S
01-094-094B S
01-095-095B S
01-096-096B S
01-097-097B S
01-098-098B S
01-099-099B S
01-100-100B S
01-101-101B S
01-102-102B S
01-103-103B S
01-104-104B S
01-105-105B S
01-106-106B S
01-107-107B S
01-108-108B S
01-109-109B S
01-110-110B S
01-111-111B S
01-112-112B S
01-113-113B S
01-114-114B S
01-115-115B S
01-116-116B S
01-117-117B S
01-118-118B S
01-119-119B S
01-120-120B S
01-121-121B S
01-122-122B S
01-123-123B S
01-124-124B S
01-125-125B S
01-126-126B S
01-127-127B S
01-128-128B S
01-129-129B S
01-130-130B S
01-131-131B S
01-132-132B S
01-133-133B S
01-134-134B S
01-285-285B S
01-286-286B S
01-287-287B S
01-288-288B S
01-289-289B S
01-290-290B S
01-291-291B S
01-292-292B S
01-293-293B S
01-294-294B S
01-295-295B S
01-296-296B S
01-297-297B S
01-298-298B S
01-299-299B S
01-300-300B S
01-301-301B S
01-302-302B S
01-303-303B S
01-304-304B S
01-305-305B S
01-306-306B S
01-307-307B S
01-308-308B S
01-309-309B S
01-310-310B S
01-311-311B S
01-312-312B S
01-313-313B S
01-314-314B S
01-315-315B S
01-316-316B S
01-317-317B S
01-318-318B S
01-319-319B S
01-320-320B S
01-321-321B S
01-322-322B S
01-323-323B S
01-324-324B S
01-325-325B S
01-326-326B S
01-327-327B S
01-328-328B S
01-329-329B S
01-330-330B S
01-331-331B S
01-332-332B S
01-333-333B S
01-334-334B S
01-335-335B S
01-336-336B S
01-337-337B S
01-338-338B S
01-339-339B S
01-340-340B S
01-341-341B S
01-342-342B S
01-343-343B S
01-344-344B S
01-345-345B S
01-346-346B S
01-347-347B S
01-348-348B S
01-349-349B S
01-350-350B S
01-351-351B S
01-352-352B S
01-353-353B S
01-354-354B S
01-355-355B S
01-356-356B S
01-357-357B S
01-358-358B S
01-359-359B S
01-360-360B S
01-361-361B S
01-362-362B S
01-363-363B S
01-364-364B S
01-365-365B S
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f Images
02-001-001B S
02-002-002B S
02-003-003B S
02-004-004B S
02-005-005B S
02-006-006B S
02-007-007B S
02-008-008B S
02-009-009B S
02-010-010B S
02-011-011B S
02-012-012B S
02-013-013B S
02-014-014B S
02-015-015B S
02-016-016B S
02-017-017B S
02-018-018B S
02-019-019B S
02-020-020B S
02-021-021B S
02-022-022B S
02-023-023B S
02-024-024B S
02-025-025B S
02-026-026B S
02-027-027B S
02-028-028B S
02-029-029B S
02-030-030B S
02-031-031B S
02-032-032B S
02-033-033B S
02-034-034B S
02-035-035B S
02-036-036B S
02-037-037B S
02-038-038B S
02-039-039B S
02-040-040B S
02-041-041B S
02-042-042B S
02-043-043B S
02-044-044B S
02-045-045B S
02-046-046B S
02-047-047B S
02-048-048B S
02-049-049B S
02-050-050B S
02-051-051B S
02-052-052B S
02-053-053B S
02-054-054B S
02-055-055B S
02-056-056B S
02-057-057B S
02-058-058B S
02-059-059B S
02-060-060B S
02-061-061B S
02-062-062B S
02-063-063B S
02-064-064B S
02-065-065B S
02-066-066B S
02-067-067B S
02-068-068B S
02-069-069B S
02-070-070B S
02-071-071B S
02-072-072B S
02-073-073B S
02-074-074B S
02-075-075B S
02-076-076B S
02-077-077B S
02-078-078B S
02-079-079B S
02-080-080B S
02-081-081B S
02-082-082B S
02-083-083B S
02-084-084B S
02-085-085B S
02-086-086B S
02-087-087B S
02-088-088B S
02-089-089B S
02-090-090B S
02-091-091B S
02-092-092B S
02-093-093B S
02-094-094B S
02-095-095B S
02-096-096B S
02-097-097B S
02-098-098B S
02-099-099B S
02-100-100B S
02-101-101B S
02-102-102B S
02-103-103B S
02-104-104B S
02-105-105B S
02-106-106B S
02-107-107B S
02-108-108B S
02-109-109B S
02-110-110B S
02-111-111B S
02-112-112B S
02-113-113B S
02-114-114B S
02-115-115B S
02-116-116B S
02-117-117B S
02-118-118B S
02-119-119B S
02-120-120B S
02-121-121B S
02-122-122B S
02-123-123B S
02-124-124B S
02-125-125B S
02-126-126B S
02-127-127B S
02-128-128B S
02-129-129B S
02-130-130B S
02-131-131B S
02-132-132B S
02-133-133B S
02-134-134B S
02-284-284B S
02-285-285B S
02-286-286B S
02-287-287B S
02-288-288B S
02-289-289B S
02-290-290B S
02-291-291B S
02-292-292B S
02-293-293B S
02-294-294B S
02-295-295B S
02-296-296B S
02-297-297B S
02-298-298B S
02-299-299B S
02-300-300B S
02-301-301B S
02-302-302B S
02-303-303B S
02-304-304B S
02-305-305B S
02-306-306B S
02-307-307B S
02-308-308B S
02-309-309B S
02-310-310B S
02-311-311B S
02-312-312B S
02-313-313B S
02-314-314B S
02-315-315B S
02-316-316B S
02-317-317B S
02-318-318B S
02-319-319B S
02-320-320B S
02-321-321B S
02-322-322B S
02-323-323B S
02-324-324B S
02-325-325B S
02-326-326B S
02-327-327B S
02-328-328B S
02-329-329B S
02-330-330B S
02-331-331B S
02-332-332B S
02-333-333B S
02-334-334B S
02-335-335B S
02-336-336B S
02-337-337B S
02-338-338B S
02-339-339B S
02-340-340B S
02-341-341B S
02-342-342B S
02-343-343B S
02-344-344B S
02-345-345B S
02-346-346B S
02-347-347B S
02-348-348B S
02-349-349B S
02-350-350B S
02-351-351B S
02-352-352B S
02-353-353B S
02-354-354B S
02-355-355B S
02-356-356B S
02-357-357B S
02-358-358B S
02-359-359B S
02-360-360B S
02-361-361B S
02-362-362B S
02-363-363B S
02-364-364B S
02-365-365B S
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f Images
03-001-001B S
03-002-002B S
03-003-003B S
03-004-004B S
03-005-005B S
03-006-006B S
03-007-007B S
03-008-008B S
03-009-009B S
03-010-010B S
03-011-011B S
03-012-012B S
03-013-013B S
03-014-014B S
03-015-015B S
03-016-016B S
03-017-017B S
03-018-018B S
03-019-019B S
03-020-020B S
03-021-021B S
03-022-022B S
03-023-023B S
03-024-024B S
03-025-025B S
03-026-026B S
03-027-027B S
03-028-028B S
03-029-029B S
03-030-030B S
03-031-031B S
03-032-032B S
03-033-033B S
03-034-034B S
03-035-035B S
03-036-036B S
03-037-037B S
03-038-038B S
03-039-039B S
03-040-040B S
03-041-041B S
03-042-042B S
03-043-043B S
03-044-044B S
03-045-045B S
03-046-046B S
03-047-047B S
03-048-048B S
03-049-049B S
03-050-050B S
03-051-051B S
03-052-052B S
03-053-053B S
03-054-054B S
03-055-055B S
03-056-056B S
03-057-057B S
03-058-058B S
03-059-059B S
03-060-060B S
03-061-061B S
03-062-062B S
03-063-063B S
03-064-064B S
03-065-065B S
03-066-066B S
03-067-067B S
03-068-068B S
03-069-069B S
03-070-070B S
03-071-071B S
03-072-072B S
03-073-073B S
03-074-074B S
03-075-075B S
03-076-076B S
03-077-077B S
03-078-078B S
03-079-079B S
03-080-080B S
03-081-081B S
03-082-082B S
03-083-083B S
03-084-084B S
03-085-085B S
03-086-086B S
03-087-087B S
03-088-088B S
03-089-089B S
03-090-090B S
03-091-091B S
03-092-092B S
03-093-093B S
03-094-094B S
03-095-095B S
03-096-096B S
03-097-097B S
03-098-098B S
03-099-099B S
03-100-100B S
03-101-101B S
03-102-102B S
03-103-103B S
03-104-104B S
03-105-105B S
03-106-106B S
03-107-107B S
03-108-108B S
03-109-109B S
03-110-110B S
03-111-111B S
03-112-112B S
03-113-113B S
03-114-114B S
03-115-115B S
03-116-116B S
03-117-117B S
03-118-118B S
03-119-119B S
03-120-120B S
03-121-121B S
03-122-122B S
03-123-123B S
03-124-124B S
03-125-125B S
03-126-126B S
03-127-127B S
03-128-128B S
03-129-129B S
03-130-130B S
03-131-131B S
03-132-132B S
03-133-133B S
03-134-134B S
03-284-284B S
03-285-285B S
03-286-286B S
03-287-287B S
03-288-288B S
03-289-289B S
03-290-290B S
03-291-291B S
03-292-292B S
03-293-293B S
03-294-294B S
03-295-295B S
03-296-296B S
03-297-297B S
03-298-298B S
03-299-299B S
03-300-300B S
03-301-301B S
03-302-302B S
03-303-303B S
03-304-304B S
03-305-305B S
03-306-306B S
03-307-307B S
03-308-308B S
03-309-309B S
03-310-310B S
03-311-311B S
03-312-312B S
03-313-313B S
03-314-314B S
03-315-315B S
03-316-316B S
03-317-317B S
03-318-318B S
03-319-319B S
03-320-320B S
03-321-321B S
03-322-322B S
03-323-323B S
03-324-324B S
03-325-325B S
03-326-326B S
03-327-327B S
03-328-328B S
03-329-329B S
03-330-330B S
03-331-331B S
03-332-332B S
03-333-333B S
03-334-334B S
03-335-335B S
03-336-336B S
03-337-337B S
03-338-338B S
03-339-339B S
03-340-340B S
03-341-341B S
03-342-342B S
03-343-343B S
03-344-344B S
03-345-345B S
03-346-346B S
03-347-347B S
03-348-348B S
03-349-349B S
03-350-350B S
03-351-351B S
03-352-352B S
03-353-353B S
03-354-354B S
03-355-355B S
03-356-356B S
03-357-357B S
03-358-358B S
03-359-359B S
03-360-360B S
03-361-361B S
03-362-362B S
03-363-363B S
03-364-364B S
03-365-365B S
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04-001-001B S
04-002-002B S
04-003-003B S
04-004-004B S
04-005-005B S
04-006-006B S
04-007-007B S
04-008-008B S
04-009-009B S
04-010-010B S
04-011-011B S
04-012-012B S
04-013-013B S
04-014-014B S
04-015-015B S
04-016-016B S
04-017-017B S
04-018-018B S
04-019-019B S
04-020-020B S
04-021-021B S
04-022-022B S
04-023-023B S
04-024-024B S
04-025-025B S
04-026-026B S
04-027-027B S
04-028-028B S
04-029-029B S
04-030-030B S
04-031-031B S
04-032-032B S
04-033-033B S
04-034-034B S
04-035-035B S
04-036-036B S
04-037-037B S
04-038-038B S
04-039-039B S
04-040-040B S
04-041-041B S
04-042-042B S
04-043-043B S
04-044-044B S
04-045-045B S
04-046-046B S
04-047-047B S
04-048-048B S
04-049-049B S
04-050-050B S
04-051-051B S
04-052-052B S
04-053-053B S
04-054-054B S
04-055-055B S
04-056-056B S
04-057-057B S
04-058-058B S
04-059-059B S
04-060-060B S
04-061-061B S
04-062-062B S
04-063-063B S
04-064-064B S
04-065-065B S
04-066-066B S
04-067-067B S
04-068-068B S
04-069-069B S
04-070-070B S
04-071-071B S
04-072-072B S
04-073-073B S
04-074-074B S
04-075-075B S
04-076-076B S
04-077-077B S
04-078-078B S
04-079-079B S
04-080-080B S
04-081-081B S
04-082-082B S
04-083-083B S
04-084-084B S
04-085-085B S
04-086-086B S
04-087-087B S
04-088-088B S
04-089-089B S
04-090-090B S
04-091-091B S
04-092-092B S
04-093-093B S
04-094-094B S
04-095-095B S
04-096-096B S
04-097-097B S
04-098-098B S
04-099-099B S
04-100-100B S
04-101-101B S
04-102-102B S
04-103-103B S
04-104-104B S
04-105-105B S
04-106-106B S
04-107-107B S
04-108-108B S
04-109-109B S
04-110-110B S
04-111-111B S
04-112-112B S
04-113-113B S
04-114-114B S
04-115-115B S
04-116-116B S
04-117-117B S
04-118-118B S
04-119-119B S
04-120-120B S
04-121-121B S
04-122-122B S
04-123-123B S
04-124-124B S
04-125-125B S
04-126-126B S
04-127-127B S
04-128-128B S
04-129-129B S
04-130-130B S
04-131-131B S
04-132-132B S
04-133-133B S
04-134-134B S
04-284-284B S
04-285-285B S
04-286-286B S
04-287-287B S
04-288-288B S
04-289-289B S
04-290-290B S
04-291-291B S
04-292-292B S
04-293-293B S
04-294-294B S
04-295-295B S
04-296-296B S
04-297-297B S
04-298-298B S
04-299-299B S
04-300-300B S
04-301-301B S
04-302-302B S
04-303-303B S
04-304-304B S
04-305-305B S
04-306-306B S
04-307-307B S
04-308-308B S
04-309-309B S
04-310-310B S
04-311-311B S
04-312-312B S
04-313-313B S
04-314-314B S
04-315-315B S
04-316-316B S
04-317-317B S
04-318-318B S
04-319-319B S
04-320-320B S
04-321-321B S
04-322-322B S
04-323-323B S
04-324-324B S
04-325-325B S
04-326-326B S
04-327-327B S
04-328-328B S
04-329-329B S
04-330-330B S
04-331-331B S
04-332-332B S
04-333-333B S
04-334-334B S
04-335-335B S
04-336-336B S
04-337-337B S
04-338-338B S
04-339-339B S
04-340-340B S
04-341-341B S
04-342-342B S
04-343-343B S
04-344-344B S
04-345-345B S
04-346-346B S
04-347-347B S
04-348-348B S
04-349-349B S
04-350-350B S
04-351-351B S
04-352-352B S
04-353-353B S
04-354-354B S
04-355-355B S
04-356-356B S
04-357-357B S
04-358-358B S
04-359-359B S
04-360-360B S
04-361-361B S
04-362-362B S
04-363-363B S
04-364-364B S
04-365-365B S
04-366-366B S
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05-001-001B S
05-002-002B S
05-003-003B S
05-004-004B S
05-005-005B S
05-006-006B S
05-007-007B S
05-008-008B S
05-009-009B S
05-010-010B S
05-011-011B S
05-012-012B S
05-013-013B S
05-014-014B S
05-015-015B S
05-016-016B S
05-017-017B S
05-018-018B S
05-019-019B S
05-020-020B S
05-021-021B S
05-022-022B S
05-023-023B S
05-024-024B S
05-025-025B S
05-026-026B S
05-027-027B S
05-028-028B S
05-029-029B S
05-030-030B S
05-031-031B S
05-032-032B S
05-033-033B S
05-034-034B S
05-035-035B S
05-036-036B S
05-037-037B S
05-038-038B S
05-039-039B S
05-040-040B S
05-041-041B S
05-042-042B S
05-043-043B S
05-044-044B S
05-045-045B S
05-046-046B S
05-047-047B S
05-048-048B S
05-049-049B S
05-050-050B S
05-051-051B S
05-052-052B S
05-053-053B S
05-054-054B S
05-055-055B S
05-056-056B S
05-057-057B S
05-058-058B S
05-059-059B S
05-060-060B S
05-061-061B S
05-062-062B S
05-063-063B S
05-064-064B S
05-065-065B S
05-066-066B S
05-067-067B S
05-068-068B S
05-069-069B S
05-070-070B S
05-071-071B S
05-072-072B S
05-073-073B S
05-074-074B S
05-075-075B S
05-076-076B S
05-077-077B S
05-078-078B S
05-079-079B S
05-080-080B S
05-081-081B S
05-082-082B S
05-083-083B S
05-084-084B S
05-085-085B S
05-086-086B S
05-087-087B S
05-088-088B S
05-089-089B S
05-090-090B S
05-091-091B S
05-092-092B S
05-093-093B S
05-094-094B S
05-095-095B S
05-096-096B S
05-097-097B S
05-098-098B S
05-099-099B S
05-100-100B S
05-101-101B S
05-102-102B S
05-103-103B S
05-104-104B S
05-105-105B S
05-106-106B S
05-107-107B S
05-108-108B S
05-109-109B S
05-110-110B S
05-111-111B S
05-112-112B S
05-113-113B S
05-114-114B S
05-115-115B S
05-116-116B S
05-117-117B S
05-118-118B S
05-119-119B S
05-120-120B S
05-121-121B S
05-122-122B S
05-123-123B S
05-124-124B S
05-125-125B S
05-126-126B S
05-127-127B S
05-128-128B S
05-129-129B S
05-130-130B S
05-131-131B S
05-132-132B S
05-133-133B S
05-134-134B S
05-284-284B S
05-285-285B S
05-286-286B S
05-287-287B S
05-288-288B S
05-289-289B S
05-290-290B S
05-291-291B S
05-292-292B S
05-293-293B S
05-294-294B S
05-295-295B S
05-296-296B S
05-297-297B S
05-298-298B S
05-299-299B S
05-300-300B S
05-301-301B S
05-302-302B S
05-303-303B S
05-304-304B S
05-305-305B S
05-306-306B S
05-307-307B S
05-308-308B S
05-309-309B S
05-310-310B S
05-311-311B S
05-312-312B S
05-313-313B S
05-314-314B S
05-315-315B S
05-316-316B S
05-317-317B S
05-318-318B S
05-319-319B S
05-320-320B S
05-321-321B S
05-322-322B S
05-323-323B S
05-324-324B S
05-325-325B S
05-326-326B S
05-327-327B S
05-328-328B S
05-329-329B S
05-330-330B S
05-331-331B S
05-332-332B S
05-333-333B S
05-334-334B S
05-335-335B S
05-336-336B S
05-337-337B S
05-338-338B S
05-339-339B S
05-340-340B S
05-341-341B S
05-342-342B S
05-343-343B S
05-344-344B S
05-345-345B S
05-346-346B S
05-347-347B S
05-348-348B S
05-349-349B S
05-350-350B S
05-351-351B S
05-352-352B S
05-353-353B S
05-354-354B S
05-355-355B S
05-356-356B S
05-357-357B S
05-358-358B S
05-359-359B S
05-360-360B S
05-361-361B S
05-362-362B S
05-363-363B S
05-364-364B S
05-365-365B S
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06-001-001B S
06-002-002B S
06-003-003B S
06-004-004B S
06-005-005B S
06-006-006B S
06-007-007B S
06-008-008B S
06-009-009B S
06-010-010B S
06-011-011B S
06-012-012B S
06-013-013B S
06-014-014B S
06-015-015B S
06-016-016B S
06-017-017B S
06-018-018B S
06-019-019B S
06-020-020B S
06-021-021B S
06-022-022B S
06-023-023B S
06-024-024B S
06-025-025B S
06-026-026B S
06-027-027B S
06-028-028B S
06-029-029B S
06-030-030B S
06-031-031B S
06-032-032B S
06-033-033B S
06-034-034B S
06-035-035B S
06-036-036B S
06-037-037B S
06-038-038B S
06-039-039B S
06-040-040B S
06-041-041B S
06-042-042B S
06-043-043B S
06-044-044B S
06-045-045B S
06-046-046B S
06-047-047B S
06-048-048B S
06-049-049B S
06-050-050B S
06-051-051B S
06-052-052B S
06-053-053B S
06-054-054B S
06-055-055B S
06-056-056B S
06-057-057B S
06-058-058B S
06-059-059B S
06-060-060B S
06-061-061B S
06-062-062B S
06-063-063B S
06-064-064B S
06-065-065B S
06-066-066B S
06-067-067B S
06-068-068B S
06-069-069B S
06-070-070B S
06-071-071B S
06-072-072B S
06-073-073B S
06-074-074B S
06-075-075B S
06-076-076B S
06-077-077B S
06-078-078B S
06-079-079B S
06-080-080B S
06-081-081B S
06-082-082B S
06-083-083B S
06-084-084B S
06-085-085B S
06-086-086B S
06-087-087B S
06-088-088B S
06-089-089B S
06-090-090B S
06-091-091B S
06-092-092B S
06-093-093B S
06-094-094B S
06-095-095B S
06-096-096B S
06-097-097B S
06-098-098B S
06-099-099B S
06-100-100B S
06-101-101B S
06-102-102B S
06-103-103B S
06-104-104B S
06-105-105B S
06-106-106B S
06-107-107B S
06-108-108B S
06-109-109B S
06-110-110B S
06-111-111B S
06-112-112B S
06-113-113B S
06-114-114B S
06-115-115B S
06-116-116B S
06-117-117B S
06-118-118B S
06-119-119B S
06-120-120B S
06-121-121B S
06-122-122B S
06-123-123B S
06-124-124B S
06-125-125B S
06-126-126B S
06-127-127B S
06-128-128B S
06-129-129B S
06-130-130B S
06-131-131B S
06-132-132B S
06-133-133B S
06-134-134B S
06-284-284B S
06-285-285B S
06-286-286B S
06-287-287B S
06-288-288B S
06-289-289B S
06-290-290B S
06-291-291B S
06-292-292B S
06-293-293B S
06-294-294B S
06-295-295B S
06-296-296B S
06-297-297B S
06-298-298B S
06-299-299B S
06-300-300B S
06-301-301B S
06-302-302B S
06-303-303B S
06-304-304B S
06-305-305B S
06-306-306B S
06-307-307B S
06-308-308B S
06-309-309B S
06-310-310B S
06-311-311B S
06-312-312B S
06-313-313B S
06-314-314B S
06-315-315B S
06-316-316B S
06-317-317B S
06-318-318B S
06-319-319B S
06-320-320B S
06-321-321B S
06-322-322B S
06-323-323B S
06-324-324B S
06-325-325B S
06-326-326B S
06-327-327B S
06-328-328B S
06-329-329B S
06-330-330B S
06-331-331B S
06-332-332B S
06-333-333B S
06-334-334B S
06-335-335B S
06-336-336B S
06-337-337B S
06-338-338B S
06-339-339B S
06-340-340B S
06-341-341B S
06-342-342B S
06-343-343B S
06-344-344B S
06-345-345B S
06-346-346B S
06-347-347B S
06-348-348B S
06-349-349B S
06-350-350B S
06-351-351B S
06-352-352B S
06-353-353B S
06-354-354B S
06-355-355B S
06-356-356B S
06-357-357B S
06-358-358B S
06-359-359B S
06-360-360B S
06-361-361B S
06-362-362B S
06-363-363B S
06-364-364B S
06-365-365B S
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07-001-001B S
07-002-002B S
07-003-003B S
07-004-004B S
07-005-005B S
07-006-006B S
07-007-007B S
07-008-008B S
07-009-009B S
07-010-010B S
07-011-011B S
07-012-012B S
07-013-013B S
07-014-014B S
07-015-015B S
07-016-016B S
07-017-017B S
07-018-018B S
07-019-019B S
07-020-020B S
07-021-021B S
07-022-022B S
07-023-023B S
07-024-024B S
07-025-025B S
07-026-026B S
07-027-027B S
07-028-028B S
07-029-029B S
07-030-030B S
07-031-031B S
07-032-032B S
07-033-033B S
07-034-034B S
07-035-035B S
07-036-036B S
07-037-037B S
07-038-038B S
07-039-039B S
07-040-040B S
07-041-041B S
07-042-042B S
07-043-043B S
07-044-044B S
07-045-045B S
07-046-046B S
07-047-047B S
07-048-048B S
07-049-049B S
07-050-050B S
07-051-051B S
07-052-052B S
07-053-053B S
07-054-054B S
07-055-055B S
07-056-056B S
07-057-057B S
07-058-058B S
07-059-059B S
07-060-060B S
07-061-061B S
07-062-062B S
07-063-063B S
07-064-064B S
07-065-065B S
07-066-066B S
07-067-067B S
07-068-068B S
07-069-069B S
07-070-070B S
07-071-071B S
07-072-072B S
07-073-073B S
07-074-074B S
07-075-075B S
07-076-076B S
07-077-077B S
07-078-078B S
07-079-079B S
07-080-080B S
07-081-081B S
07-082-082B S
07-083-083B S
07-084-084B S
07-085-085B S
07-086-086B S
07-087-087B S
07-088-088B S
07-089-089B S
07-090-090B S
07-091-091B S
07-092-092B S
07-093-093B S
07-094-094B S
07-095-095B S
07-096-096B S
07-097-097B S
07-098-098B S
07-099-099B S
07-100-100B S
07-101-101B S
07-102-102B S
07-103-103B S
07-104-104B S
07-105-105B S
07-106-106B S
07-107-107B S
07-108-108B S
07-109-109B S
07-110-110B S
07-111-111B S
07-112-112B S
07-113-113B S
07-114-114B S
07-115-115B S
07-116-116B S
07-117-117B S
07-118-118B S
07-119-119B S
07-120-120B S
07-121-121B S
07-122-122B S
07-123-123B S
07-124-124B S
07-125-125B S
07-126-126B S
07-127-127B S
07-128-128B S
07-129-129B S
07-130-130B S
07-131-131B S
07-132-132B S
07-133-133B S
07-134-134B S
07-284-284B S
07-285-285B S
07-286-286B S
07-287-287B S
07-288-288B S
07-289-289B S
07-290-290B S
07-291-291B S
07-292-292B S
07-293-293B S
07-294-294B S
07-295-295B S
07-296-296B S
07-297-297B S
07-298-298B S
07-299-299B S
07-300-300B S
07-301-301B S
07-302-302B S
07-303-303B S
07-304-304B S
07-305-305B S
07-306-306B S
07-307-307B S
07-308-308B S
07-309-309B S
07-310-310B S
07-311-311B S
07-312-312B S
07-313-313B S
07-314-314B S
07-315-315B S
07-316-316B S
07-317-317B S
07-318-318B S
07-319-319B S
07-320-320B S
07-321-321B S
07-322-322B S
07-323-323B S
07-324-324B S
07-325-325B S
07-326-326B S
07-327-327B S
07-328-328B S
07-329-329B S
07-330-330B S
07-331-331B S
07-332-332B S
07-333-333B S
07-334-334B S
07-335-335B S
07-336-336B S
07-337-337B S
07-338-338B S
07-339-339B S
07-340-340B S
07-341-341B S
07-342-342B S
07-343-343B S
07-344-344B S
07-345-345B S
07-346-346B S
07-347-347B S
07-348-348B S
07-349-349B S
07-350-350B S
07-351-351B S
07-352-352B S
07-353-353B S
07-354-354B S
07-355-355B S
07-356-356B S
07-357-357B S
07-358-358B S
07-359-359B S
07-360-360B S
07-361-361B S
07-362-362B S
07-363-363B S
07-364-364B S
07-365-365B S
2008 Data | [ Top ] | [ Bottom ]
f Images
08-001-001B S
08-002-002B S
08-003-003B S
08-004-004B S
08-005-005B S
08-006-006B S
08-007-007B S
08-008-008B S
08-009-009B S
08-010-010B S
08-011-011B S
08-012-012B S
08-013-013B S
08-014-014B S
08-015-015B S
08-016-016B S
08-017-017B S
08-018-018B S
08-019-019B S
08-020-020B S
08-021-021B S
08-022-022B S
08-023-023B S
08-024-024B S
08-025-025B S
08-026-026B S
08-027-027B S
08-028-028B S
08-029-029B S
08-030-030B S
08-031-031B S
08-032-032B S
08-033-033B S
08-034-034B S
08-035-035B S
08-036-036B S
08-037-037B S
08-038-038B S
08-039-039B S
08-040-040B S
08-041-041B S
08-042-042B S
08-043-043B S
08-044-044B S
08-045-045B S
08-046-046B S
08-047-047B S
08-048-048B S
08-049-049B S
08-050-050B S
08-051-051B S
08-052-052B S
08-053-053B S
08-054-054B S
08-055-055B S
08-056-056B S
08-057-057B S
08-058-058B S
08-059-059B S
08-060-060B S
08-061-061B S
08-062-062B S
08-063-063B S
08-064-064B S
08-065-065B S
08-066-066B S
08-067-067B S
08-068-068B S
08-069-069B S
08-070-070B S
08-071-071B S
08-072-072B S
08-073-073B S
08-074-074B S
08-075-075B S
08-076-076B S
08-077-077B S
08-078-078B S
08-079-079B S
08-080-080B S
08-081-081B S
08-082-082B S
08-083-083B S
08-084-084B S
08-085-085B S
08-086-086B S
08-087-087B S
08-088-088B S
08-089-089B S
08-090-090B S
08-091-091B S
08-092-092B S
08-093-093B S
08-094-094B S
08-095-095B S
08-096-096B S
08-097-097B S
08-098-098B S
08-099-099B S
08-100-100B S
08-101-101B S
08-102-102B S
08-103-103B S
08-104-104B S
08-105-105B S
08-106-106B S
08-107-107B S
08-108-108B S
08-109-109B S
08-110-110B S
08-111-111B S
08-112-112B S
08-113-113B S
08-114-114B S
08-115-115B S
08-116-116B S
08-117-117B S
08-118-118B S
08-119-119B S
08-120-120B S
08-121-121B S
08-122-122B S
08-123-123B S
08-124-124B S
08-125-125B S
08-126-126B S
08-127-127B S
08-128-128B S
08-129-129B S
08-130-130B S
08-131-131B S
08-132-132B S
08-133-133B S
08-134-134B S
08-284-284B S
08-285-285B S
08-286-286B S
08-287-287B S
08-288-288B S
08-289-289B S
08-290-290B S
08-291-291B S
08-292-292B S
08-293-293B S
08-294-294B S
08-295-295B S
08-296-296B S
08-297-297B S
08-298-298B S
08-299-299B S
08-300-300B S
08-301-301B S
08-302-302B S
08-303-303B S
08-304-304B S
08-305-305B S
08-306-306B S
08-307-307B S
08-308-308B S
08-309-309B S
08-310-310B S
08-311-311B S
08-312-312B S
08-313-313B S
08-314-314B S
08-315-315B S
08-316-316B S
08-317-317B S
08-318-318B S
08-319-319B S
08-320-320B S
08-321-321B S
08-322-322B S
08-323-323B S
08-324-324B S
08-325-325B S
08-326-326B S
08-327-327B S
08-328-328B S
08-329-329B S
08-330-330B S
08-331-331B S
08-332-332B S
08-333-333B S
08-334-334B S
08-335-335B S
08-336-336B S
08-337-337B S
08-338-338B S
08-339-339B S
08-340-340B S
08-341-341B S
08-342-342B S
08-343-343B S
08-344-344B S
08-345-345B S
08-346-346B S
08-347-347B S
08-348-348B S
08-349-349B S
08-350-350B S
08-351-351B S
08-352-352B S
08-353-353B S
08-354-354B S
08-355-355B S
08-356-356B S
08-357-357B S
08-358-358B S
08-359-359B S
08-360-360B S
08-361-361B S
08-362-362B S
08-363-363B S
08-364-364B S
08-365-365B S
08-366-366B S
2009 Data | [ Top ] | [ Bottom ]
f Images
09-001-001B S
09-002-002B S
09-003-003B S
09-004-004B S
09-005-005B S
09-006-006B S
09-007-007B S
09-008-008B S
09-009-009B S
09-010-010B S
09-011-011B S
09-012-012B S
09-013-013B S
09-014-014B S
09-015-015B S
09-016-016B S
09-017-017B S
09-018-018B S
09-019-019B S
09-020-020B S
09-021-021B S
09-022-022B S
09-023-023B S
09-024-024B S
09-025-025B S
09-026-026B S
09-027-027B S
09-028-028B S
09-029-029B S
09-030-030B S
09-031-031B S
09-032-032B S
09-033-033B S
09-034-034B S
09-035-035B S
09-036-036B S
09-037-037B S
09-038-038B S
09-039-039B S
09-040-040B S
09-041-041B S
09-042-042B S
09-043-043B S
09-044-044B S
09-045-045B S
09-046-046B S
09-047-047B S
09-048-048B S
09-049-049B S
09-050-050B S
09-051-051B S
09-052-052B S
09-053-053B S
09-054-054B S
09-055-055B S
09-056-056B S
09-057-057B S
09-058-058B S
09-059-059B S
09-060-060B S
09-061-061B S
09-062-062B S
09-063-063B S
09-064-064B S
09-065-065B S
09-066-066B S
09-067-067B S
09-068-068B S
09-069-069B S
09-070-070B S
09-071-071B S
09-072-072B S
09-073-073B S
09-074-074B S
09-075-075B S
09-076-076B S
09-077-077B S
09-078-078B S
09-079-079B S
09-080-080B S
09-081-081B S
09-082-082B S
09-083-083B S
09-084-084B S
09-085-085B S
09-086-086B S
09-087-087B S
09-088-088B S
09-089-089B S
09-090-090B S
09-091-091B S
09-092-092B S
09-093-093B S
09-094-094B S
09-095-095B S
09-096-096B S
09-097-097B S
09-098-098B S
09-099-099B S
09-100-100B S
09-101-101B S
09-102-102B S
09-103-103B S
09-104-104B S
09-105-105B S
09-106-106B S
09-107-107B S
09-108-108B S
09-109-109B S
09-110-110B S
09-111-111B S
09-112-112B S
09-113-113B S
09-114-114B S
09-115-115B S
09-116-116B S
09-117-117B S
09-118-118B S
09-119-119B S
09-120-120B S
09-121-121B S
09-122-122B S
09-123-123B S
09-124-124B S
09-125-125B S
09-126-126B S
09-127-127B S
09-128-128B S
09-129-129B S
09-130-130B S
09-131-131B S
09-132-132B S
09-133-133B S
09-134-134B S
09-284-284B S
09-285-285B S
09-286-286B S
09-287-287B S
09-288-288B S
09-289-289B S
09-290-290B S
09-291-291B S
09-292-292B S
09-293-293B S
09-294-294B S
09-295-295B S
09-296-296B S
09-297-297B S
09-298-298B S
09-299-299B S
09-300-300B S
09-301-301B S
09-302-302B S
09-303-303B S
09-304-304B S
09-305-305B S
09-306-306B S
09-307-307B S
09-308-308B S
09-309-309B S
09-310-310B S
09-311-311B S
09-312-312B S
09-313-313B S
09-314-314B S
09-315-315B S
09-316-316B S
09-317-317B S
09-318-318B S
09-319-319B S
09-320-320B S
09-321-321B S
09-322-322B S
09-323-323B S
09-324-324B S
09-325-325B S
09-326-326B S
09-327-327B S
Support Images [ Top ]
Land MaskLatitudeLongitudeTopographyArea*

* The Arc region uses a polar stereographic projection which does not have constant area pixels. For these regions, SIR-format images that contain the pixel area in square km for each pixel are provided.

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